Ensuring Safety Building a Defense Line | IHI-Sullair holds Safety Production Month Activities

June 2023 is the 22nd Safety Production Month in China. In order to promote the national safety spirit of "everyone emphasizes safety and everyone is capable of emergency response", improve our employees' safety awareness, emergency capabilities, and operational standards, and adhere to our safety philosophy of putting safety first and prevention first, IHI-Sullair Suzhou Factory has recently launched a series of innovative, rich, targeted, and wide-ranging Safety Production Month themed activities, Ensure that the concept of safety production is deeply rooted in people's hearts and achieves practical results.

1 Electric shock prevention training and drills

In today's society, electricity is widely used in various production fields, bringing light and convenience to our lives, as well as accidents and dangers. At the training meeting, Ms. Yao Xingxia, the EHS supervisor of IHI-Sullair, presented various scenarios of electric shock accidents to employees through photos and video cases. She also provided detailed explanations from four aspects: the hazards of electric shock, the methods of electric shock, safe electricity use and prevention measures, and electric shock first aid. This allowed IHI-Sullair electricians to have a detailed understanding of safety knowledge in preventing electric shock, and learned how to handle accidents, Improved the self-protection ability of electricians. In the following drill simulation, the participants clearly defined the division of responsibilities according to the training requirements of the plan, cooperated well, and remained calm and calm throughout the simulated rescue process. They rigorously and quickly used effective disposal methods to handle and provide first aid to those in distress, fully demonstrating the emergency response ability of our company's employees in the face of electric shock accidents, and the drill achieved the expected effect.

2Bridge crane assessment activities

Bridge crane is the most widely used lifting tool in modern industrial machinery. Due to its complex operation, it not only facilitates work but also poses a safety threat to ground personnel and equipment. Therefore, the operational level of personnel involved in bridge crane is directly related to the safety of personnel and equipment within the scope of bridge crane activities. In order to ensure production safety, employee safety, and equipment and property safety of the enterprise, the IHI-Sullair EHS department organizes bridge crane operation employees to take bridge crane theory and practical operation exams through a combination of theory and practice. The theoretical exam consists of test papers and questions, covering all aspects of bridge crane operations. The practical operation exam requires employees to hang a bucket of 90% full water under the bridge crane hook. The bucket needs to go through multiple operation actions and run for tens of meters, with no water splashing out in each action. In the exam, the operators were prepared and cautious, successfully passing the assessment with professional knowledge and proficient skills, and completing the inspection and filling of gaps in bridge crane professional skills and knowledge, achieving the expected results in the assessment.

3 Forklift Operation Competition

Forklifts are widely used in industrial enterprises due to their high work efficiency and flexible operation, bringing great convenience to enterprise production and cargo storage. However, at the same time, due to its strong mobility and high risk, safety accidents involving forklifts often occur, posing a threat to the safety of operators and surrounding personnel. At the forklift operation competition site, IHI-Sullair's forklift operators showcased their forklift operation skills and drove the forklift through various obstacles. In just a few minutes, their forklift techniques such as forward, turning, reverse, stacking, etc. were successfully passed the assessment. These two stages are a great test of our contestants' skill level, which requires safe and standardized driving while also completing tasks on time. This competition has honed my operational skills and raised my safety awareness, which can help me better improve my business level. "Forklift operator Cao Yuxing said after the competition. The theoretical competition also tests the professional knowledge reserve and proficiency of forklift operators. This forklift competition showcased the good spirit of IHI-Sullair forklift operators, who prioritize safety, pursue excellence, and strive for excellence. The forklift assessment was successfully concluded.

After careful and competitive assessment and competition, IHI Sullair EHS Department selected the top three winners of each assessment and competition project, and invited Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura, General Manager of IHI Sullair, Ms. Wu Yajuan, Chief administrative officer of HR of IHI Sullair, Mr. Chen Lin, Director of the IHI Sullair Production Center, and Mr. Ye Zhigang, Production Manager of IHI Sullair to award awards to the award-winning employees. In addition, IHI-Sullair has organized a "Everyone Find Fault" safety hazard investigation activity, encouraging all employees to participate and report company safety hazards by submitting opinions and feedback suggestions, so that security vulnerabilities can be avoided everywhere.

IHI-Sullair has further improved the safety operation level and knowledge reserve of our company's operators and office staff through multiple safety production month activities, reducing the risk of safety accidents in our production and operation. I believe that in the future, our company's production safety will be strongly guaranteed, and we will always take preventive measures.

The meticulously planned safety production month event has also increased our confidence and determination in safety production. In our future production and business activities, we will continue to prioritize safety, further establish safety concepts, and build a strong safety defense line.

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