Jointly building a new chapter of safety and development

In order to better listen to the voices of frontline employees and enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of grassroots teams, IHI-Sullair Suzhou Factory recently held a tea party for frontline employees. Grassroots employees gather together, speak freely, interact and exchange ideas, and share their work experiences and insights together.

In his pre meeting speech, Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura, General Manager of IHI-Sullair, highly praised and sincerely thanked frontline employees for their unremitting efforts and hard work over the past year. He pointed out that it is precisely due to the unity, cooperation, and hard work of the frontline team that the timely completion of production and shipment is guaranteed,


General Manager Nakamura San repeatedly emphasized the importance of safety in daily work and reviewed and summarized the company's safety work over the past year. He emphasized that the company attaches great importance to safety work. Ensuring the health and safety of every employee is always a prerequisite and guarantee for IHI Life to carry out all work. Finally, General Manager Nakamura once again pays his respects to the employees and wishes them a happy and auspicious New Year.


The development and progress of a company cannot be separated from the active participation of grassroots employees. It is the valuable suggestions and suggestions of the vast number of employees that have effectively driven the improvement of the company's production efficiency, optimization of workflow, and effective cost savings, thus enabling the enterprise to maintain a steady pace and continuously move forward in the fierce market competition environment.


In order to recognize frontline employees who actively propose rationalization suggestions in their daily work and make outstanding contributions to the development and progress of the company, a rationalization suggestion award ceremony was also held at the meeting. Ms. Wu Yajuan, the Director of Human Resources and Administration, and Ms. Yao Xingxia, the EHS Supervisor, jointly presented the "Rationalization Suggestion Award" honorary certificate and prizes to the frontline employees who won the award. This is not only a recognition and encouragement of the outstanding performance of award-winning employees, but also a motivation and expectation for all employees to actively participate in enterprise construction and actively unleash their innovative potential.


Subsequently, the tea party entered a relaxed and enjoyable game interaction period. Ms. Yao Xingxia, the EHS supervisor, and Mr. Qu Youwei jointly hosted and planned a unique EHS safety knowledge competition. This activity is not only a knowledge quiz game that combines education and entertainment, but also a deep consolidation and effective improvement of the safety knowledge system of IHI-Sullair frontline employees.

At the event, frontline employees were divided into multiple teams, who brainstormed and actively participated, demonstrating a solid foundation of safety knowledge through fast-paced and accurate answers. The atmosphere on site was warm and harmonious, and everyone deepened their understanding and memory of EHS safety regulations through laughter and cheers. They firmly grasped and internalized the key points of EHS safety knowledge, thereby effectively strengthening the basic guarantee of the company's safety production and laying a solid foundation for creating a safe and efficient working environment.

Finally, it is an important part of EHS suggestion solicitation and safety training. The grassroots employees had a deep conversation with two EHS supervisors. Based on their daily work experience, they actively put forward a series of valuable safety production improvement suggestions, aiming to help the company continuously optimize the work environment and effectively reduce the possibility of safety accidents.


This discussion was conducted in an efficient and interactive manner. Director Yao Xingxia elaborated on the various safety precautions that should be strictly followed in the frontline work environment by playing carefully crafted safety education videos and sharing typical safety cases in a simple and concise manner. These vivid and detailed cases and vivid short films greatly enhance the effectiveness of safety knowledge transmission, encouraging employees to be more vigilant and pay attention to safety details in actual operations, thereby effectively reducing potential risks and ensuring that personnel safety and production efficiency are synchronously improved during the production process.

IHI-Sullair always adheres to the core concept of people-oriented and regularly holds tea party activities for frontline employees. This series of relaxed and enjoyable communication sessions not only effectively deepened the interaction and mutual understanding among grassroots employees, but also became an important channel for the company to listen to and pay attention to the work situation at the grassroots level, and adopt rational suggestions. Through this approach, IHI-Sullair has successfully enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force within the team, enabling all employees to better gather consensus, work together, and continuously contribute wisdom and strength to the development and growth of the company.

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