wonderful review of IHI-Sullair's 2024 New Year's Eve celebration


On January 18th, the sky was clear and the breeze was pleasant. IHI Sullair welcomes a grand New Year's Eve party, where all employees gather in Suzhou to share this warm and vibrant night. On this occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, we gather the strength of our team, look back on the glorious achievements of the past year, and look forward to the grand blueprint of future development. We raise our glasses together to celebrate, hoping to achieve better results in the new year, and work together to paint a magnificent chapter.


The annual meeting kicked off with a staff meeting and training session

Firstly, General Manager Hiroshi Nakamura led all employees to jointly review the fruitful achievements accumulated by the company over the past year, while proactively outlining the work strategy and implementation plan for the new year. Looking back on the glorious chapters of the past, the general manager expressed sincere gratitude and high respect to all colleagues for their selfless dedication and hard work. And emphasize the company's key tasks: safety, quality, and compliance. These are the cornerstone of the company's development and a commitment to customers and society. I hope everyone can continue to maintain and improve in the new year. Finally, the General Manager extends sincere New Year greetings to everyone and has deep expectations for the new year. We hope to work hand in hand, continue our resilient spirit, jointly create more outstanding performance, continue to write a new chapter in the company, and create new brilliance.


Later, Mr. Qu Youwei and Ms. Yao Xingxia, two supervisors of the EHS department, provided a comprehensive and in-depth summary report on our company's environmental, safety, and health work for this year. Mr. Qu Youwei, with his profound professional competence and rigorous work attitude, has carefully reviewed the achievements of our company in environmental protection, safety production, and employee health protection over the past year. At the same time, he has also analyzed the existing challenges and improvement opportunities. Ms. Yao Xingxia further elaborated on the operation of the company's EHS management system and the control of safety production risks, and vividly demonstrated our efforts and persistence in creating a green, safe, and healthy work environment through practical cases. In the face of the new year, we will closely focus on national legal and regulatory requirements and industry standards, formulate stricter and forward-looking EHS goals, and jointly build a more harmonious, safe, and sustainable corporate environment.


Annual Outstanding Employee Commendation and Rationalization Suggestions Awards Ceremony

Behind every step of development and leap that the company has made is the sweat and wisdom of every employee's silent cultivation. It is the collective efforts and selfless dedication of all colleagues that have forged the brilliance of IHI Sullair today. At this solemn and enthusiastic general meeting of all employees, we present awards to outstanding employees who have performed outstandingly and made outstanding contributions in their work, as well as outstanding colleagues who have actively proposed and implemented effective rationalization suggestions. The certificates of honor will be jointly awarded to them by General Manager Hiroshi Nakamura and Director Wu Yajuan of Human Resources and Administration.


At this moment, all employees witnessed this glorious moment together, shared the joy of success, and further strengthened everyone's determination and belief in creating glory for IHI Sullair. This recognition is not only a recognition of the individual contributions made by outstanding employees, but also a high praise and motivation for the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. It encourages everyone to continue to work together in the future, with higher enthusiasm and more solid efforts, to jointly promote the development journey of IHI Life.


Diverse talent showcases our team spirit and cultural integration

Amidst enthusiastic applause and cheers, the annual conference program unfolded slowly like a scroll, presenting each unique and exciting moment one by one. The song and dance program, carefully prepared and rehearsed by colleagues from various departments, lit up this festive night like brilliant stars, staged alternately, and brought a feast of audio-visual experience to the on-site audience. The audience below was filled with enthusiasm, with applause, laughter, and applause echoing one after another, interweaving into a sea of joy. Every moment of freeze has become an indelible memory of this beautiful night.

Surprise lottery segment


Amidst everyone's laughter and cheers, not only were there exciting performances, but also exciting lucky draws and red envelope rain activities interspersed. These activities, together with the carefully prepared performance programs by colleagues, complement each other and create an atmosphere of surprise and endless joy.

In a warm, harmonious, and joyful atmosphere, this annual meeting came to a complete and beautiful conclusion.

Looking back on the past, we have fearlessly challenged ourselves, worked hard, and achieved fruitful results.

Looking ahead to the future, we are ready to move forward, full of confidence, and will write new brilliance.

In the new year, we will work together with one heart, hand in hand, bravely climb the peak with the power of our team, and pursue excellence with unremitting efforts. Seize opportunities, embrace challenges, and jointly create new achievements and glory!

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