Good News | The 5000th compressor of IHI Sullair has been successfully off-line

On March 24th, a new f53 centrifugal compressor was successfully off-line at IHI Sullair Suzhou factory and delivered to the customer Langfang Ruiquan Technology Co., Ltd. This means that the company's cumulative production of centrifugal compressors has reached 5000 units, which also marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey in the Chinese market.



On the afternoon of the same day, at the grand offline ceremony held by IHI Sullair Suzhou headquarters, all employees of IHI Sullair and representatives of customer companies jointly witnessed the birth of this milestone.



Along the way, we have been down-to-earth, determined to forge ahead, and our market performance has steadily climbed;


Along the way, we have been down-to-earth, determined to forge ahead, and our market performance has steadily climbed;


Along the way, we have not forgotten our original intention, forged ahead, provided professional technology to society, and created the future with innovative ideas.


From the initial headquarters established in the Suzhou Industrial Park, to offices and sales and service outlets throughout the country;


From the birth of the first domestically manufactured centrifugal compressor in the factory to the offline production of the 5000th centrifugal compressor;


From obtaining the qualification certification of a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province to settling down in Jiangsu Province and Suzhou City Large Centrifugal Compressor Engineering Technology Research Center.


IHI Shouli is rooted in China, developing steadily, and its progress has never stopped. We have gradually realized the localization of products, intelligent informatization, service specialization, and market expansion. Not only has it achieved technological improvement, but also achieved a leap in market share and company capacity.



Mr. Liu Shuqi, Chairman of Langfang Ruiquan Technology Co., Ltd., congratulated IHI Sullair on the launch of the 5000th compressor, He said, "IHI Sullair centrifugal compressor has gained market recognition with profound technology, reliable quality, efficient performance, and good service. In less than 20 years, its market share has increased rapidly, and its achievements are obvious to all. As a partner, I am sincerely happy!" Mr. Liu raised expectations for long-term cooperation in the future, and he hopes to work together with IHI Sullair to work together for the Chinese gas market, And even China's economic development.



"There will be times when the wind blows and waves break, and we will sail straight to the sea. The launch of the 5000th compressor will become another new starting point for the accelerated development of IHI Sullair's business." Mr. Nakamura, General Manager of IHI Sullair, said in his speech at the launch ceremony, "The refreshing speed of performance records has fully reflected the driving force of our company's vigorous development and the continuous enterprising spirit of the company's entire staff." General Manager Nakamura expressed his sincere gratitude to all colleagues for their contributions, I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude and best wishes to friends from all walks of life who have long cared for and supported the development of IHI Sully. He has high hopes for the company's development and believes that with the joint efforts and support of everyone, IHI Sullair will continue to move forward towards the goal of "becoming a leader in the Chinese centrifugal compressor market", achieving new breakthroughs in output value, winning more market share, and achieving high-quality development while improving the competitiveness of the enterprise.



After the wonderful opening speech by General Manager Nakamura, the main leaders attending the ceremony took the stage. With expectations and blessings for IHI Shouli, Mr. Nakamura, General Manager of IHI Shouli, Mr. Yang Guanghua, General Manager of Sales Branch, Mr. Chen Lin, Head of Production Center/Center, Mr. Tanaka, Head of R&D Center/Center, and Mr. Liu Shuqi, Chairman of Langfang Ruiquan Technology Co., Ltd., as customer representatives, jointly pressed the start button symbolizing the future, hope, and glory for offline ribbon cutting, Announce the official offline of the 5000th compressor of IHI Sullair.


In the face of the accelerated evolution of major changes in the world that have not occurred in a century, and the new opportunities brought by the in-depth development of a new round of industrial transformation, IHI Sullair will seize the opportunity of development and adhere to innovative development by taking the 5000th compressor offline. At the same time, we will continue to uphold the concept of "rooted in China, contributing to society through technology", not forgetting our original intentions, and working steadily.

With the construction of a new factory located in the Suzhou Xiangtan Cooperation Zone, the continuous optimization and improvement of overall product energy efficiency, and the development of more after-sales service products, we will provide customers in various fields with a wider selection of products, higher quality compressors, and richer after-sales products, further meeting the growing needs of customers and promoting the common development of society.

On the new journey, IHI Sullair will achieve a new leap forward and work with you to welcome a better tomorrow!



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