IHI-Sullair Chengdu Office Grand Opening


On March 30, 2023,  IHI-Sullair held an opening ceremony for the opening of Chengdu office. Representatives of the parent company ICL company chairman of the board Mr Otomi Masanori,General Manager of IHI-Sullair Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura, General Manager of IHI-Sullair Sales Branch Mr. Yang Guanghua, Ms. Jiang Sufang, Chief Financial Officer, and other company management representatives, as well as agent representatives, attended the opening ceremony and gathered with all employees of Sales Branch to witness the new journey of IHI-Sullair's business in the western region.


At 10 am, in a warm and cheerful atmosphere, the opening ceremony officially began. Firstly, General Manager Nakamura, President Otomi, General Manager Yang Guanghua and Mr. Liu Qi, the general manager of Chengdu Fubesi Technology Co., Ltd., the representative of IHI Shouli's agent, delivered a speech for the opening of the Chengdu office.


General Manager of IHI-Sullair Mr. Nakamua expressed gratitude to all the guests and colleagues who attended the opening ceremony. He believes that Chengdu has been the hinterland of the western region since ancient times. Nowadays, with the increasingly perfect construction of its modern comprehensive three-dimensional transportation system, Chengdu plays an increasingly important role in the entire western region and even in the economic sectors of China. Based on this, IHI-Sullair will be committed to providing higher quality products and services to a wider range of customers.


Mr. Otomi, President of ICL, is full of expectations for the layout and future development of IHI Sully's business in the western region. He stated that as a pioneer of IHI Group's office layout in the western region, the opening of IHI-Sullair's office in Chengdu will further deepen the connection and communication with customers in the western region, and build sustainable development. He earnestly hopes that IHI-Sullair Chengdu Office can not only promote IHI-Sullair's business, but also contribute to the overall development of IHI Group.


Liu Qi, General Manager of Chengdu Forbes, believes that the establishment of IHI-Sullair's Chengdu office is an important milestone in the company's development, and he is deeply honored to witness this grand event together. Mr. Liu is full of confidence in the development of IHI-Sullair's business in the western region and stated that he will work together with IHI-Sullair to create new history and create brilliance.


Yang Guanghua, General Manager of IHI-Sullair Sales Branch, stated that the establishment of the Chengdu office has been planned since last year and is an important part of IHI-Sullair's layout in the west and improvement of the national business network. The opening of the Chengdu office marks the completion of the company's strategic business layout in the western region. Since its establishment in 2004, IHI-Sullair has now fully covered all parts of the country in its business scope. We are centered around our Suzhou headquarters and have four offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu, providing comprehensive and timely sales and after-sales services to customers in various regions.


At 10:18 am, the unveiling ceremony officially began, and leaders joined forces to unveil the IHI-Sullair Chengdu office.

With the opening of the Chengdu office, IHI-Sullair's comprehensive business, especially after-sales service capabilities, in the western region will be further strengthened and improved. We will continue to achieve our own breakthroughs, live up to expectations, unite our hearts, and steadily embark on a new journey!


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