IHI-Sullair Rotating Machinery Engineering and Manufacturing (SUZHOU) Co.,Ltd Ground Breaking Activity

On April 25ththe scenery were bright and the flowers were blooming; Willows droop and green grass grows. In the hopeful and vibrant spring light, the groundbreaking ceremony of IHI-Sullair Rotating Machinery Engineering and Manufacturing (SUZHOU) Co.,Ltd., a new project of IHI-sullair, was solemnly held in the SuXiang Cooperation Zone.

Liu Hua, member of the Party Working Committee/Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Suzhou Industrial Park, Wu Lie and Zhang Haifeng, members of the Party Working Committee/Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Suxiang Cooperation Zone, Tian Xueling, Vice President of China Singapore Group, Keiichi Morikawa, President of IHI Rotating Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd./Vice Chairman of IHI-sullair, Kawasaki Yize, senior consultant of IHI Rotating Machinery Engineering of Zhuzhou Association, Hirota Toyo, director of IHI-sullair, The Chairman of IHI Island (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd./Director of IHI Island-sullair, Dahu Changze, Chairman of Suzhou First Construction Co., Ltd. Han Wei, President and Director of IHI Island-sullair, Hiroshi Nakamura, and other leaders and guests attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Prior to the groundbreaking ceremony, leaders and guest representatives expressed their hopes for the future of the company in their speeches.

Hiroshi Nakamura, president and director of IHI-sullair, gave a speech that IHI-sullair settled in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2004 and the company developed rapidly with the strong support of the local government and the parent company. The new factory will be built into an energy-saving and efficient production base for ultra large centrifugal compressor equipment, with plans to be put into operation by mid-2024. He emphasized that IHI-sullair will take this project as an opportunity to successfully replicate the past glory with scientific planning and layout and superb technical strength. With the strong support of the park and the government of the Suzhou Xiangtan Cooperation Zone, we have opened a new chapter and made more and better contributions to economic and social development.

In nearly 20 years of development in China, IHI-sullair has received strong support from its parent company. Mr. Keiichi Morikawa, President of IHI Rotating Machinery Engineering and Vice Chairman of IHI Shima-sullair, stated that Suzhou is a highly attractive investment destination. IHI-sullair's decision to relocate the new factory project to the Suzhou Xianggang Cooperation Zone was a significant decision made through strategic discussions among the group's senior management, which is crucial for the group's and Chinese market strategy. Building the new factory into a benchmark in the field of large-scale centrifugal compressors will not only continuously enhance IHI-sullair's comprehensive strength and core competitiveness, thereby promoting the group's development to a higher level, but also continue to contribute to the leapfrog development of Suzhou's economy.


Mr. Han Wei, Chairman of Suzhou First Construction Company, stated in his speech that Suzhou First Construction will focus on the construction tasks and objectives, establish a strong engineering team, fully promote the high-quality completion of the project, and turn the IHI Island-sullair project into a high-quality project. Suzhou First Construction will strive to ensure that the project is achieved safely, high-quality, and efficiently as scheduled. And I wish the IHI Island-sullair New Factory project a complete success.


Mr. Wu Lie, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Suxiang Cooperation Zone, expressed heartfelt congratulations on the groundbreaking ceremony of IHI Island-sullair. As a new model of cross regional cooperation between Suzhou Industrial Park and Xiangcheng District, the Suzhou Xiangzhou Cooperation Zone is a new target for enterprises to invest and expand production. IHI Sullair will surely get a new opportunity here and start a new chapter. He stated that the Suzhou Xiangtan Cooperation Zone will provide comprehensive service guarantees with the greatest sincerity, the best environment, and the best policies, and fully promote the early production and effectiveness of the project. Wishing the new project of IHI-sullair Su Xiang Cooperation Zone good luck, early fruition, and prosperity.


At the foundation laying ceremony to be held later, leaders and guest representatives jointly wielded shovels to fill the soil and lay the foundation for the project of IHI Island-sullair Rotating Technology Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. This project, as a new chapter in the development of IHI-sullair's business, will provide stronger support for IHI-sullair's roots in China and the continuous and stable development of centrifugal compressor business.


We will not forget ouroriginal intention, our future must be foreseeable.

IHI-sullair will take this item as a new starting point, continue to fulfill our mission, and contribute to society through our technology.

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