IHI-Sullair 2023 Distributor Meeting Successfully Ends

On July 6th, the IHI-Sullair 2023 Distributor Meeting was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province——on the coast of the East China Sea. The theme of this conference is "Continuation of Huazhang and Starting a New Journey”. IHI-Sullair's senior leaders, sales team, and agent partners from all over the country gathered together to discuss industry trends and market trends, and exchange business experience. Develop together and embark on a new journey.


At 9:00 Am, the meeting officially started. First of all, Mr. Nakamura Hiroshi, General Manager of IHI-Sullair Compression Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the conference. On behalf of IHI-Sullair, he warmly welcomed and sincerely thanked the agents for their arrival. After showcasing the impressive achievements of the company in 2022, General Manager Nakamura fully recognized the contributions of the agents. Confirmed the annual goals, he led everyone to review the progress in the first half of the year, pointed out the current focus of work, and demonstrated the new project of IHI-Sullair production base that is currently steadily advancing. IHI Sully fulfills its mission in the Chinese industrial field by providing top-notch compressor technology, and we are confident in our future development.

Mr. Yang Guanghua, General Manager of the Sales Branch, comprehensively summarized the sales performance for 2022 and the first half of this year, and made strategic plans for business development in the second half of this year. Mr. Yang pointed out that in order to remain neutral, walk steadily, and go far in the fierce market competition, it is necessary to continuously strengthen oneself, grow upwards, and strengthen the construction of sales and agent teams. He hopes that this meeting can effectively promote deep cooperation between the company and agents. The company will continue to deepen collaborative cooperation with agents, provide efficient and high-quality products and after-sales service solutions, and assist customers in achieving energy conservation and efficiency enhancement.

Ms. Chen Jing, Manager of the Marketing Department, shared with everyone the recent economic trends and market dynamics, and conducted a review and detailed analysis of the market situation and company business in the first half of 2023. In the special period of the early stage of economic recovery after the epidemic, we will work together to seek new opportunities for industry development. After explaining agent management and the latest strategies, she further introduced the sales support work provided by IHI-Sullair to agents and a series of brand promotion activities. IHI-Sullair's marketing department will continue to provide comprehensive support to agents to promote mutual growth and development.

Mr. Tang Wei, the after-sales sales manager, shared the continuous growth of IHI-Sullair's after-sales sales business and proposed corresponding expectations for the development of after-sales sales business in various regions: maintaining advantages, overcoming shortcomings, and developing comprehensively. As a key development focus of the company, after-sales sales business will steadily improve from various aspects such as improving market strategies, strengthening after-sales teams, and expanding sales ideas. Manager Tang stated that with the joint cooperation and efforts of the company and agent team, he is confident in the prospects of after-sales business.

Subsequently, Mr. Jin Qingzhi, the after-sales regional manager, further explained his after-sales sales experience. Through in-depth sharing of typical after-sales cases, Manager Jin provides guidance in various aspects for the successful development of after-sales business and puts forward effective suggestions for solving typical after-sales problems.

In the upcoming conference agenda, the heads of each department of IHI-Sullair will speak one by one, providing comprehensive sharing on the company's finance, engineering, services, research and development, and other situations.

Mr. Xu Ming, the business elites of the sales branch, Mr. Luo Chi, and Mr. Tang Bo, the outstanding agent representative of Gechuan Energy Conservation, respectively shared their sales experience and case analysis with everyone. The representatives of the agents present also actively participated in communication and interaction, and together they conducted in-depth discussions on market conditions and business issues.

Accompanied by exciting speeches and enthusiastic discussions, the dealer conference came to a successful conclusion.

Looking back, we forge ahead and write magnificent chapters;

Continuing with the past and opening up the future, we are fully committed to embarking on a new journey.

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