Combining theory with practice and improve service level

To further enhance on-site service capabilities and improve customer satisfaction, IHI-Sullair conducted an internal training activity for service engineers in late November. This training was organized by the Service Engineering Department, with the participation of both the Engineering Department and EHS Department. Technical experts from the parent company IHI Rotary Machinery Engineering Company were invited to the site to teach professional knowledge.


The training aims to assist service engineers in various regions in gaining a deeper understanding of various aircraft maintenance and repair skills and improving on-site service levels through a combination of technical theories and practical operations as case studies.

The f series centrifugal compressor is widely used in various professional engineering scenarios due to its wide range of air volume and pressure. Due to its large volume and complex structure, there are many key points that need to be paid attention to during on-site services such as maintenance, upkeep, and overhaul. Mr. Takeshima, an engineering and technical expert from the parent company IRM, started with the structural characteristics, overhaul standard working hours, and on-site service precautions of the f series centrifugal compressor. Combining his own operating experience in each task, he provided IHI-Sullair service engineers with specialized training on overhaul methods for the f series compressor. The service engineers carefully studied the experience and skills taught by Mr. Takeshima, and expressed in the interactive section that Mr. Takeshima's detailed and comprehensive explanation was very helpful to everyone. Colleagues will be more proficient in on-site service work for the F series centrifuge in the future.

The IHI-Sullair centrifugal compressor can be paired with an independently developed advanced GCP centralized control system, which can adjust the total gas volume of the equipment according to user needs and adopt efficient gas supply solutions to help customers save energy costs. The maintenance and upkeep of the centralized control system is an important part of customer on-site service. Zhang Peng, an electrical engineer from the engineering department, starts with the composition of components, specification parameters, and maintenance points of the group control system, explaining the maintenance methods of the group control system to service engineers. At the meeting, electrical engineer Zhang Peng brought a group control device and invited service engineers to conduct on-site simulation operations one by one. Through a combination of theoretical and practical training methods, service engineers have gained a deeper understanding of the characteristics and maintenance of group control systems.

Safe operation is a prerequisite and guarantee for the smooth implementation of on-site service work. Ms. Yao Xingxia, the EHS supervisor, and Mr. Li Jinsong, the on-site safety supervisor of the Service Engineering Department, respectively provided safety training on EHS management regulations, on-site safety training, and identification of hazardous sources on the service site, combined with accident cases and handling methods, to help our on-site service personnel better understand potential hazards and avoid risks, providing institutional guarantees for the safe implementation of on-site service work.

In the subsequent training session, technical backbones from IHI-Sullair Engineering Department and Service Engineering Department appeared one after another, explaining the safe use of electric tools, machine installation error cases, installation and wiring of shaft displacement sensors, SKF vibration data collection and interpretation, air compressor vibration measurement and air volume testing methods based on their respective skills and work experience Professional knowledge and service experience related to on-site service, such as the installation method of the F series machine's anchor hole, are available for mutual learning, in-depth communication, and hard work

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