Create success again ,like dragon fly through seas --- IHI-Sullair 2024Q1 Sales Workshop Successfully Ended

In order to enhance the overall professional competence, market insight ability, and customer relationship management skills of the sales team, ensure that team members have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of product knowledge, industry trends, and sales strategies, in order to better serve customers, IHI-Sullair held a sales seminar for the first quarter of 2024 in Changsha, Xingcheng, on the shore of the Xiangshui River in late February. The senior leaders of IHI-Sullair, all employees of the sales center, and some agent partners gathered together to exchange sales management experience, clarify the direction of business development, and have extensive and in-depth discussions and exchanges on future development goals.


Firstly, Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura, General Manager of IHI-Sullair, delivered a groundbreaking opening speech. He led everyone to review the company's impressive performance last year and gave a confident outlook on the blueprint for business development this year. General Manager Nakamura emphasized that in the current context of increasingly fierce competition in the compressor market, the spirit of "one team" is particularly important. He pointed out that building closer and stronger team collaboration bonds, working together towards a jointly established vision, is crucial for the company to achieve strategic goals. General Manager Nakamura expressed sincere gratitude and high appreciation for the hard work put in by each member of the sales team. He sent a message to the entire sales team, hoping that everyone will continue to promote the spirit of teamwork and enterprising spirit, work together, and climb the peak bravely, in order to successfully achieve and exceed various sales goals in the new year.


Mr. Yang Guanghua, General Manager of IHI-Sullair Sales Branch, clearly pointed out at the meeting that all sales personnel and agent partners in the company need to target the market and make every effort to promote various business expansion work. Faced with the challenge of annual sales targets, IHI-Sullair will continue to increase efforts to optimize the sales team structure, and on this basis, strengthen support and standardized management for agents. By implementing competitive sales policies, it will further consolidate its market position. At the same time, Mr. Yang emphasized that strengthening the sales management system is a key step in achieving a leap in performance. The sales team must focus on key areas and product lines, and effectively achieve targeted goals. In addition, he also urged all sales personnel to adhere to the principle of efficient communication, ensure accurate and timely information transmission, and integrate safety and risk prevention awareness into daily work, so as to effectively promote the stable development of the sales team towards high-quality and high-level direction, and work together to build an excellent sales team.


Ms. Chen Jing, the Marketing Manager, delivered a market theme sharing at the meeting, analyzing the current economic situation and the dynamics of the compressor market in China, and using rich data to guide participants to understand the pulse of the market. And based on the performance review of IHI-Sullair in 2023, the future development of the industry is discussed. She emphasized that in the rapidly changing market environment and facing future challenges, IHI-Sullair will always adhere to customer orientation, closely monitor and quickly respond to changes in customer needs, and continuously improve product and service levels. The company will further integrate internal and external resources and focus on building a sales team, aiming to create a professional sales team that can accurately adapt to market demand and have strong competitiveness. Through a series of strategic layouts and practical actions, IHI-Sullair is confident in achieving new breakthroughs and development.


Manager Tang Wei and Manager Zhang Tiebing from IHI-Sullair's after-sales sales department jointly elaborated on the current situation and future development of the company's after-sales business.


Manager Tang Wei pointed out that in recent years, IHI-Sullair's after-sales performance has steadily increased. With the important milestone of the company's compressor product shipment volume exceeding 5000 units, the market's inventory is increasing day by day, which undoubtedly indicates a sustained and significant growth trend in future after-sales service demand. In this context, the strategic value of strengthening and optimizing the after-sales business system is becoming increasingly prominent, which is crucial for ensuring the sustainable development of the company.


Manager Zhang Tiebing stated that focusing on the key role of building and managing the after-sales team and creating a strong after-sales sales team is an important cornerstone for promoting the sustainable development of IHI-Sullair's after-sales business. To this end, the company will comprehensively enhance its team capabilities through strengthening training, daily fine management, and cross departmental collaboration support. It will further encourage agents to form professional and efficient after-sales teams, deepen cooperation with customers, consolidate and expand after-sales business, and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness in the industry.


Advanced experience is a successful mentor. Several sales elites from IHI-Sullair's sales team, including Mr. Luo Chi, Mr. Jin Gang, Mr. Yan Zhenhua, and Mr. Gao Xiaojun, provided in-depth and detailed training and sharing on their rich sales experience, providing valuable knowledge empowerment for on-site sales team members. The training provided a detailed technical interpretation of the product's features and performance, and vividly explained how to transform these advantages into tangible customer value. Furthermore, specific cases were used to demonstrate how to effectively convey these product advantages to potential customers. Emphasis is placed on highlighting IHI-Sullair's professional advantages in technology research and service quality, strengthening brand influence, and improving customer satisfaction.


The successful sales cases of agents are of great significance in promoting sales practices. At the meeting, three outstanding agent representatives of IHI-Sullair - General Manager Shao Jiayi of Lixun Technology, General Manager Tang Bo of Gechuan Energy Conservation, and General Manager Wang Zhongjie of Haijie Technology - shared and analyzed their successful sales experiences in detail. They have extracted practical and effective sales strategies and techniques through vivid sales case studies, transforming successful practical experience into specific methodologies, and providing highly informative practical reference materials for the sales teams present. This has effectively promoted the understanding and practical abilities of all parties in key aspects such as market development and customer service.


The sales seminar of IHI-Sullair in the first quarter of 2024 has come to a successful conclusion. Through professional and detailed skill training and candid sharing of successful cases, this conference not only improved the business literacy and practical skills of all participants, but also drew valuable market insights and cooperation experience through communication. Everyone returned with a full load and was deeply inspired. Looking ahead to the new year, we firmly believe that IHI-Sullair will soar across the world like dragonand create new brilliance!

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