IHI-Sullair Metal Products Industry First Class Energy Efficiency Air Compression Station Successfully Listed

On March 20th, IHI-Sullair successfully assisted Jiangmen Huajin Metal Products Co., Ltd. in establishing a first-level energy-efficient compression station, which was officially unveiled during a ceremony. The event was attended by Lu Guixiong, the factory director of Jiangmen Huajin Metal, Chen Xuedong, the manager, Li Jinrong, the director of Hefei General Electromechanical Product Testing Institute, as well as representatives from IHI Sullair and its agents.

Based on the specific production capacity requirements and operating conditions of the customer, IHI Sullair tailored a scientific and efficient compression station construction plan. The company's technical team conducted thorough research on the customer's production environment and actual needs, optimizing every aspect from equipment selection and configuration, process flow design, to overall operation. This comprehensive and meticulous approach ensures maximum energy efficiency, significantly enhancing the customer's energy management and operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption costs, and laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term, stable, safe, and economical operation. This also demonstrates IHI Sullair's excellence as an industry leader in providing efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly compressed air solutions.

According to national testing standards, first-level compressed air stations account for less than 5% of all air compression stations in China, and their energy consumption levels should reach international advanced levels, achieving the highest efficiency with the lowest energy consumption. Jiangmen Huajin's compression station utilizes IHI Sullair's TRE model and high-temperature waste heat recovery device, achieving a comprehensive transmission efficiency of 60% at a pressure dew point of -24.9℃, exceeding the first-level energy efficiency compressed air station standard by more than 7.5%.

The operation and maintenance costs of industrial air compressors far exceed their procurement costs. Improving the energy efficiency of compression stations significantly reduces the usage costs for enterprises. Manufacturing, as the main source of energy consumption, has more than 80% of large-scale factories equipped with compressed air power units in China. Compressed air stations in China consume over 400 billion kWh of electricity annually. If 10% of domestic compression stations are upgraded from the fourth and third energy efficiency levels to the first level, it is estimated that annual energy savings of over 20 billion kWh can be achieved, resulting in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions exceeding 195 million tons. Therefore, energy-saving retrofits of compression stations are of great significance to both national and societal efforts to achieve the dual carbon targets and to industrial enterprises' cost savings in production.

With its profound professional technical expertise and rich practical experience in the global compressed air technology field, IHI Sullair has been committed to providing optimized and economically efficient compressed air solutions and comprehensive energy-saving retrofit services to enterprise customers. When facing customer needs, we always adhere to a deep understanding and precise grasp of the enterprise's actual production capacity requirements, operating conditions, and future development trends, developing practical and forward-looking energy-saving compression station construction plans.

We continuously deepen the research and application of key technologies for energy-saving compression stations, actively promoting the innovative upgrading of products and services to meet the complex needs of different industries and application scenarios. In the future, IHI Sullair will continue to increase investment and practical efforts in the field of energy-saving compression stations, striving to provide more high-quality compression station system design plans and compressed air solutions, assisting users in comprehensively enhancing production efficiency, improving energy structures, and steadily moving towards green, environmental protection, and low-carbon emission reduction.

At the same time, we actively respond to the national "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" dual carbon targets, taking practical actions to fulfill social responsibilities, promoting the transformation of China's manufacturing industry towards green and sustainable development, and jointly building a resource-saving and environmentally friendly society.

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