Service Engineer

Basic Qualification Requirements

1. Bachelor degree in mechatronics, automation, mechanical design majors or above or equivalent degree.
2. 3-year experience or above in installation, debugging or operation of industrial machinery and equipment like refrigeration, air separation, compressor, large-scale water pump and machine tool.
3. Familiar with AutoCAD software for mechanical drawing or 3D software for mechanical design, and you’re preferred if you have working experience in PLC of Siemens.
4. With willingness of self-study and self-improvement, capacities of working independently and settling problems on site and good reaction.
5. Good skills in English or Japanese reading and writing and proficiency in speaking.
6. You’re preferred if you have got driving license on equal conditions with others.
7. Willingness for frequent business trips.
8. On environment: master the methods for classification and disposal of the wastes, grasp physicochemical property of dangerous chemicals and the use methods of fire equipment, with knowledge of first aid and emergency fire protection measures.



Main Responsibilities

1. Responsible for implementing and completing the after-sale site service support of agents or final customers assigned by manager/supervisor of Marketing Department, training of the service staff for the agents or final customers and providing the complete site service report (field service).
2. Responsible for daily technical support for the customer (solve all customers' problems about our products) (internal work).
3. Responsible for the information feedback in the region within jurisdiction: report activities every week by weekly newspapers (electronic edition), collating of the data about customers’ machine (record of service, etc.) (electronic edition), timely feedback of the quality problems occurred anytime (electronic edition).
4. Assist in sales of parts with related technical support.
5. Guidance and training of Assistant Service Engineer and Service Technicians.
6. Accept other jobs assigned by the superiors.



Working place